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As an independant author with a passion for science fiction stories, with a taste for horror and mystery, I enjoy exploring a universe that was originally created during role-playing games, to which I’ve added an element of the mysterious, the strange, but also the familiar. The books I publish are the culmination of an old project for which I wanted to share this story.

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Echoes of the Metal Mountain (Part 1)

Released on : 4/30/24


From time immemorial, peoples and communities have created legends and stories, sometimes extraordinary, sometimes magnifying reality. The nomads who roamed the great western continent were no exception. Contrary to the consensus among historians and scientists that man has never flown through the air or left the ground, which is considered impossible, these tribes describe these events with astonishing accuracy.

While one traveller sets out to explore this vast continent, driven by curiosity and a desire to learn about his own and the world’s history, others are on the verge of breaking through the Earth’s atmosphere on a mission to save their distant nation. One has lived through a forgotten era, the others come from an imaginary world as far as human knowledge is concerned.

Against a backdrop of unlikely encounters, legends collide with authoritative historical reality. And what if, behind these stories handed down from generation to generation, there is an unsuspected truth?


The Patient Daniel

Released on : 1/9/24

Description Meet Daniel and dive into the abyss of his tortured mind. This man, who has been in a mental institution for several months, has been in the grip of an intense depression for years, the result of the loss of a relationship that was dear to him. Since then, he has been reliving what he claims are his countless past lives. The memories and details he recounts to his therapist defy comprehension, awakening unspeakable traumas that seem to belong to a distant, bygone era, if it ever really existed. Doctor of psychology Ingrid Kirdjanen has set herself the task of shedding light on the case of patient Daniel.


The Dead Man Who Didn't Exist

Released on : 3/30/24

Description On a rainy night, Inspector Reynard is called to the scene of a grisly crime. A man has been found dead as a result of violent ritual torture. But the investigation is thrown into turmoil by the fact that the victim does not exist.


The Last Expedition

Released on : 11/16/23

Description Nigel Van Enhoorte was a famous explorer who contributed greatly to our knowledge of the world. Decades after his death, however, his work and stories remain shrouded in mystery. A writer with a passion for history tells of his research into writing a book dedicated to the man, with the aim of lifting the veil on these lesser known, even unspoken, details.


A train Journey

Released on : 10/17/23

Description A Train Journey tells the story of a student who takes a trip on a high-tech train that travels the world on its way to his university town. During his journey, he marvels at the environment he discovers as he travels through various regions. He also discovers that his world is very different from what he thought. This book is a short science fiction novella adding a touch of mystery and horror to a seemingly alien world.