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As an independant author with a passion for science fiction stories, with a taste for horror and mystery, I enjoy exploring a universe that was originally created during role-playing games, to which I’ve added an element of the mysterious, the strange, but also the familiar. The books I publish are the culmination of an old project for which I wanted to share this story.

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The Patient Daniel

by : Seb Astien

Meet Daniel and dive into the abyss of his tortured mind. This man, who has been in a mental institution for several months, has been in the grip of an intense depression for years, the result of the loss of a relationship that was dear to him. Since then, he has been reliving what he claims are his countless past lives. The memories and details he recounts to his therapist defy comprehension, awakening unspeakable traumas that seem to belong to a distant, bygone era, if it ever really existed. Doctor of psychology Ingrid Kirdjanen has set herself the task of shedding light on the case of patient Daniel.

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Author's note

This book develops the universe more than the previous ones and the character of this story was a very good opportunity to do so. It is based on a character used during a role-playing game session. It is also a story that became very personal because of a sudden event.

The Patient Daniel

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